We are a privately owned group of companies made up of TUNS Farms Nigeria Limited and TUNS Foods and Agro Allied Limited.

Tuns Farms
Tuns Farms Nigeria limited is a privately owned Farm established over 3 decades ago with certificate of incorporation RC242709.

Today, Tuns Farms Nigeria Limited ranks amongst the top 3 producers of broiler meat in the country and is a leading figure in the poultry industry in Nigeria which it operates with modern poultry production technologies comparable to what is obtainable in the developed world.

The company at the moment is the highest private individual employer of labour as well as the highest paying in Osun State with a direct workforce of about 500 comprising 20% of this being the skilled workforce which include Veterinary Doctors, Animal Scientists, Animal Health Technologist, Animal Nutritionist, Agricultural Engineers, Managers, Marketers and Administrators.

The company in collaboration with the Poultry Association of Osun state has also put in place, as part of her employment generation quest, a contract farming scheme where farmers are given broiler DOC, feeds and money to buy inputs, labour e.t.c for a start, this has generated over 10,000 jobs yearly since inception.

They are encouraged to rear broiler birds and ready market is provided for them by the company all year round. This great stride of ingenuity has alleviated poverty and created wealth for the citizenry of the State.

Our processing facility is also audited annually by Food safety and Quality system Auditors of Yum! Restaurants International (YRI) Owners of KFC Restaurants.

We are one of the certified and leading suppliers to KFC restaurants nationwide, ShopRite through Master Meats Limited, U.A.C Foods, Drumstix, Caterers servicing Oil companies in the eastern part and the Osun State School Elementary Feeding Programme.

The company is also looking to partner with the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Resources targeting a conscious revitalization of national egg production in the country with a target of meeting up with the national requirement.

The goal of the partnership is aimed to;

  1. Increase the national egg production
  2. Make eggs affordable and available to all Nigerians
  3. Create about 1 million direct and indirect jobs across the 36 states including the FCT
  4. Wealth creation and Entrepreneurship
  5. Increase contribution of Agriculture to the national GDP
  6. Liberalization of the poultry sector
  7. Provide a backward integration for a strategic national grain development
  8. Provide a forward integration for eggs produced into the national school feeding program
  9. Provide raw material base for secondary food processing industries

The Chief Promoter for Tuns Foods & Agro-allied is Asiwaju Tunde Badmus whose vision is in the developing of value added products to meet the ever gorwing demand of the growing Nigerian market, it aimed at providing quality food on the table of every citizenry. The company has four sub-units namely:

  1. Bottle water Production plant
  2. Bakery
  3. Biscuit and Confectionery
  4. Further Processing Facility

Each of the units are equipped with the modern machines backed up by the latest food safety and quality guidelines which are manned by qualified and experienced personnel.

All our products are regulated by the National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON).

The Group’s Corporate Headquarters is located at Km 9, Ikirun road, Osogbo, Osun state in the Southwestern part of Nigeria.

MOTTO: We add to life’s potency.

MISSION: To pursue the culture of excellence, wholesomeness and unequaled satisfaction through optimal quality of our products which is never compromised.

VISION: To serve humanity and mankind in different strata of life by adding potency to life.

SUCCESS STORY: Pivotal to our success story in the area of outstanding product quality and customers satisfaction is our acquisition of ultramodern facilities coupled with up to date production methodology. Delivery of these top quality products entails a chain of inter-company production sagacity and carefully marshaled distribution process.